here's to all the gay girls...
©2000 by Moonshinechem

See, I- m gay because when I see a girl
I look at her, and I decide whether I think she is pretty or not-
I look at older women the way
girls my age look at older men,

I think about what their lives might have been like
and what their love interests were,
I think about them like mothers,
as people who were young
people who have looked a lot different
sometimes, you can look at an adult and see that
they were probably attractive youths    in their day

I-m gay because I
fantasize sexually -with women
with girls my age,
I think about my lips kissing theirs
I think about our bodies touching each other
with a fiery passion about
I see myself wrapped up
into them
listening to the very way they breathe, and
just sucking it all in
being with a girl,
with someone female, like me
someone gentle
and soft, someone strong and fucking

a girl and her eyes
and lips
a girl with her hair,
  and my hands on her hips
       and their necks on my lips

I fantasize with women
     the very thought of me,
 and another female,
naked in embrace,
makes my nipples  perk   up.

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