©January 14, 1994 by Sue B.

Reaching down. I feel your hips
Pulling them closer to mine
To dance the forbidden dance
Of lust and love between us
Our hearts beat faster and
Stronger, almost as one
Your hands tremble
As you grasp my face
Uncertain, only for a moment
The fear subsides, as we kiss
Our tongues wrestle and dance
As the passion burns ever more
Our bodies become a blur
Of sweat, bones, and flesh
Melting into one, for an instant
We become one in the same
I become you, you become me
To pull away now, and bury this lust
Would seem such a crime
And I look into your eyes
As you look into mine
To share the warmth between us
Is the greatest gift of all
I remember dreaming of this moment
As I carry you up the stairs
Your head resting upon my shoulder
Your arms around my neck
We kiss again, at the top of the stairs
We need not say a word
To know what is said between us
We protect one another, as we journey
Through this forbidden lust
What happens between these sheets
I'll not tell, you must find out
For yourselves
For we share the forbidden lust
You and I are as one, will always be
No-one can ever take your love from me
Once we've blended, we'll always share
This passionate tribal dance
I give to you this night
My heart and soul
To keep forever beside you
You gave yourself to me this night
Your never-ending desire
To share your magical dreams
You rubbed the sleep from your eyes
Still blanketed with the warmth of your dreams
And smiled your last smile
As you walked out that door
You never came back, to share your lust
But, I'll still have you, here in my dreams...

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