First Kiss
©1999 by Lycistrata_love

Alone at last
Your eyes meet mine,
Bright, then downcast,
Your shyness shines.
My eyes wander,
Taking in the room,
The floor, the bed,
Then nothing but you.

I hold out my hand,
Pull you into my embrace,
I hold you close, kiss you
Making my heart race.
My hands in your hair,
We tremble with need
And love,...passion flares,
As I ravish you in my greed.

My needs so long denied,
Find release here with you,
Though I desperately tried
To hide them, they grew.
I let myself go,
And our clothes find the floor,
Your arms around me
Space between us no more.

I explore with my tongue,
And trace paths to and fro,
Your body an ecstasy,
I have yearned to know.
Five years of desire
For a goddess --it's true--
Merely stoking the fire,
Of my endless longing for you.

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