©2000 by Carol Marie

Figured it was the breeze that caught me off guard
how was I to know it was really a womyn
denial is the best laid plans of pirates
too long at sea or did I not see it coming
the way she walked in that skirt
it inching up with each movement
o yea it grabbed a hold of my throat
and with one quick tug, I was taken
breath becamse shallow and I was thirsty
said she had something for me and wouldnt i
like to come inside for a drink of something wet
and O My, did I tell you I will never forget
the way she arched up so sweetly telling me
it was all for me and wouldnt I just like some more

Well, then it was hot, o so hot the way she moved
straddling me just like at the rodeo and riding as free
as the breeze when I out at sea and why couldnt I see
what was happening to me with every movement
that she twitched while I was inside so deeply
and thats really what I call content
but i have to tell you, it took me my surprise
never knew by looking in her eyes
that I would fall so completely

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