©1995 by Loons (Linda Carter)

Caught in the bedroom was i one day,
Mother says you shouldn't play with girls that way.
Society says that its not good,
and the church makes it clear and understood.
So i repress all those feelings, bury them and put them deep,
but many years later they pop up for a peep.
Being married with two children, i broke my husbands heart,
cause i could no longer kid myself, this fake life to take part.
So with bravery i conquered, and put all fears aside,
and came out of my closet, no more i had to hide.
I feel i lost my family though, i guess those are the breaks,
but to finally feel free, a little sacrifice it takes.
So if your out there and your gay,
don't get disheartened at the things they say,
hold your head high, and walk with pride,
and show this mostly phobic world, that were not gonna hide.
I tried to do it societies way, and it only hindered me,
stunted me for who i am, and who i'm meant to be...

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