©2000 by Ami M. Doehring

You are water.
My lips drink and dream you.
I bathe in the moonlight feeling you surround me
I succumb to where you take me.
We dance under the weight of velvet motion.
Your body curves to meet my hands,
aching like clear waves of ocean licking the sandy tides.
We sing together, and steam rises moist from flesh, the heat
that lingers and raises above us like a banner.

You are smoke and fire.
Small torches of you smolder inside me.
I grow weak from your glances.
Desire has made me your reflection.
We stare through the blaze that serenades within.
You’ve become my shadow, and we spiral.
Where do you end and I begin?
Lost moments show no regret
We spend time circling Venus.
I quiver and you twist.
Wonder cascades the entity of volcanos,
how your lava warms me.
Oh flesh and fire, take control.

You are earth.
My soul lays over you and
I squish my toes inside your secret places.
We travel into the caverns of each other.
Each of us are immersed in tangles of grass.
You wrap me in a delicate cocoon of spider web and milk.
I am held, but I am fed.
I track the hidden moments, and erase the damage.
My love runs over the surface capturing your footprints.

You are the air.
You funnel above me
I feel the linger of your hands
delving inside what remains of me.
When we touch you are the wind
Gentle and insistent.
I swallow gasps of you.
You swoop down, wing span wide
Lifting me to strange heights.
I breathe you in
holding you in my lungs,
its a delicious rhapsody.

You are drops of diamond.
The compressed passion gleams,
In your eyes.
Your sparkle dazzles my eyes.
I cannot look at you without trembling.
The prism is intense
And I emerge faceted to your side
We breath like gems,
Shallow and transparent.
Nearly breathless.
Opaque is heaviness.
Our lips are smeared with the thickness.
Your fingers motion me to come…

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