"Deep Love"
©1998 by Spring

And how does one make love to a stranger...
to one who has professed her first loves
to be her boat and the raging sea.

I am beguiled by the woman you are....
You laughed and said come play with me.
Come...let's make love!
Come my flower and let's enjoy the day.

You beckoned me to a waiting sea.....
shrouded in a mist and veiling all I saw.
A sudden opening in the mist -
I saw you in the distance...
faceless - only the memory of your outline.

As the mist rose and your footsteps were wiped clean
with the lapping of each wave...
a boat emerged and I'm drawn
to the wonder of where we might go.

I slide into the hold and watch as we mount the waves.
A wind that faintly blew now belches
and sends us skimming across the sea.
I have become a vessel at full sail.

I arch my back - like the beauty of an inverted bow...
incredulous of our speed and
mindful of the billows and the raging sea.
I stretch and catch the magic and the power of the wind
no more aware of the crying sea.

I was there to take this vessel to full strength....
to harness all the power that was there to take.
My mind was in that forlorn dreamy space
and I failed to hear the lamentable groans of a mast
asked to do more than it knew what to do.

And then the chill of fear!
The crack and the sound of a splintering falling tree.
For a brief moment the disconsolate moan...
a broken mast and a boat dispirited....
no longer capable of catching the wind.
Passion and power had taken all there was to give.

Fitfully my hands move along the coaming.....
I feel the smoothness from a thousand hands.
Disconsolate and despairing,
I still hear the wind calling out your name.

My knees are down - I supplicate myself to you.
I took you beyond know boundaries....
that shy and illusive spirit.....
broken at my feet.

"I wanted more of you than I ever knew to ask."
I could feel your touch and you weren't even here!
Passion and rage ascending from old memories and
the reason for tranquility borne off by a mighty wave.

The heaves subside to whimpers from the quiet of your soul.
I shall always hear the screams of pain crying from deep within.
My knees still anchored in the vortex of your being.
I find myself frozen in silence from the echo of your screams.

I hover over you on hands and knees and only feel a numbing pain.
I look down on you and see the beads of sweat mounting on your brow...
and watch a rivulet of tears running down your cheek.
I no longer see a face once filled with energy and will.

And in the torment of my pain.......
I cry out in the quiet of the night.
Oh God, oh God my friend........
what have I done to you!

With closed eyes and sinking knees......
I feel the strength of folding arms drawing me to you.
There is a communion of knowing souls
that passes between us both.

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