©1999 by Liz Green

As I see you there
Legs crossed, you staring out the window
My own thoughts enter yours.
Visiting, as they must.
Yet again I see you looking at your hands.
Wondering as you must
For you see, we have made a connection.

The conversation took many turns
Around streets called Fear, Trust and Want.
We drove past them and even stopped to park for awhile
Seems to me, we parked at Want for a spell.

You and I, truly romantic hounds
Sniffing our way around one another
We couldn’t sense other scents, so
We sat awhile…

A new room you see
Bright and inviting
Couches and reading chairs
Books and art surround us.
No distractioins, just peaceful music
Soothing whatever aches that follow us

You ask me of fear
And I challenge your trust

You begin to harmlessly touch my soul
For here on the skin, is but where our souls begin
The touch turns into a caress
And the caress lingers on the surface of the soul.
The messages sent by your hands
They speak well of you
Caring and tender
See how your spirit impacts through your hands
Touch lightly again and you see me smile

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