©1997 by Siobhan

Tentatively standing at your door
In a long, soft-lit corridor of this apartment building
Here at your summons, your invitation
For an evening of girl-talk and dinner...
I, the new girl in town, hungry
For new relationships, new experiences...
I tap at your door lightly...
(Damn, was that TOO tentative?)  Tap again,resolutely..
The door swings open..and there you are..
Smiling, you say, "COME IN"
Smilingly, I obey.

Here in this comfortable room
We sit and chat..
Small talk exchanged, glances exchanged...
(Your eyes are chatoyant, did you know that?)
I'm over dressed in my proper blouse and skirt
For you are fetchingly clad in a dancer's leotard
And barefoot...
Kitchen's aroma is heavenly, as is the dining table..
Candles, wine glasses sparkling, all perfect..
Excusing yourself, you glide into the kitchen..
Leaving me to catch my breath..
And you suddenly appear at the table..
Invitingly you say, "COME, LET'S EAT"...
Eagerly, I obey.

Perfect meal, perfect wine, perfect conversation...
So many things in common have we.
(Did I imagine your bare toes brushing my ankle?)
Then you bounce up, clearing the table
Ignoring my offer to help clean up...
Leaving me drowsy and content to watch you flit back and forth...
Then you disappear for a while
And suddenly are back, naked and leaning insolently against the door frame...
My eyes open wide, taking in your lovely, bare body...
You press your hand into your groin, inserting the fingers, wetting them...
Raising your hand, palm upward and cupped,
You blow gently across it, as if to waft to me the aroma of your essence...
Softly you murmur, "COME HERE"..
Tremblingly, I obey.

Why do hours compress into minutes
And minutes expand into hours?
How long have I been in your bed
And how long have you been making love to me?
I only know my flesh burns from your kisses..
Writhing, gasping, pleading
Until you take pity on me...
Now, the incredible power of your mouth
Is poised over the core of my femininity..
And what you are doing to me
Is interspersed with your sweet voice...
Urging "COME..COME"..
Helplessly, I obey.

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