-Closet Girl-
©1999 by Hannahbelle

I do not want to spend the rest of my life in the
I do not want to act all nice and straight and shit
I want to be myself
That's right-A carpet eating, pussy munching, tit
sucking, finger fucking lesbo dyke bitch
I want to be ME
I'm a good little girl daddy. I'd never use the f-word
I'm a good little girl daddy, a girl could never get
me wet
I'm a good little girl daddy, sweet sixteen and never
been kissed
I wish I could just fuck the lies
I wish I could march at Gay Pride
I am I am I am, Sam. I am
Accept it
Don't reject me
I am not a whore
I am not a slut
I am not loose
I am not brainwashed
Give me a break
Don't take it all away from me
I want to scream to them
"Can't you see? I'm me!"
The lesbo dyke queens are not going to pervert me
I was perverted already
I hate how you think it's something you can decide to
Don't make fun of my hairy legs, you hypocritical
bitch! You don't shave and you aren't gay!
Someone save me
Let me grow up
So I can be Hannah

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