Chattering Love born
©October 30, 1999 by Bastet

My credence in the sky as I see small hand painted
tulips on the ground. I sent flames of a chattering
tallow candles that sit puzzled thus waiting in

I dared you...

Come sit beside me tonight. For you never seemed more
lovely to me. Where the sweet splashes of cherry's and
flowering daffodils are left crawling around my bare

You dared me...

The spotted gold of tiger-lily petals, thus the loud
pinkness that of which the oceans hold hands
with is that of Kissing a bare starry night and
grasping clouds with you, Love

Let it begin...

Pale on the horizon, like rose buds frowning in storm.
The Oceans strong smell mixing together as lavender
fills my chest with the mornings brisk fullness.

I came out...

Your eyes burn bright with ancient fire, your heat is
effusive It sneaked itself inside of me
We traveled slowly...

I ran to the frozen lake, up to the hills,
inside a cave. The ground gave way But you took me in
your arms and I handled our Love

(Didn't scare me at All)
Now I am chattering Love born

You broke my fall...
             And saved my life.

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