"Body Language"
©2000 by Little Rascal

Did you know
In the early morning when you smile
One corner of your mouth
Curves up a little higher than the other....
It makes me want to kiss you
And did you know
That when you laugh
Your eyes sparkle with flecks of gold
And when you are serious
And reach for me with desire in them
Your eyes are so intense I can't think straight
All the words I want to say
Get lost there..in your eyes
Did you know
That your touch speaks to my heart..
Soft and gently, stroking, exploring
Whispers of tender love
Fresh and new and complete
Strong embraces telling me
Of a fierce determination
To always be there
Playful tugging becomes almost urgent
In the need to make a connection
Hearts pounding, breathless sounds
The soft relaxation of fullfillment
Your body speaks so eloquently
And I am its captive audience....

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