Blushing Blush Bug
©Febuary 2, 2000 by Bastet

I have a feeling today.
A very special feeling that maybe, just Maybe
I want to blush today

Could I be in the arms of another?
My Lungs still wet and fragile
I shall blush when All is silent, All is new

Forever old

Today is the End of it
Oh how I shall miss my Blushing!
This ignominy..this sadness.

The waiting I must Endure.
I'll go to someone else's arms and Blush all over
Again and again and again

So I can relax and be dry

Forever New

I'll be the silly little one
The caterpillar in the heart of a violet
Please fill this tummy up with Honey made leaves

Walking about...Blushing, eating, Being Happy
Then I'll fly, fly away to a  rose bud that will
forever and ever
Blush for me

So I can relax and Blush Red

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