Better Than Me
©1999 by Goddess69w

You walk around with your nose in the air
When I walk past you cant help but stare
I see the expression on your face, it all there
Fuck you like I care

You think your better than me
I give a damn
were in different leagues that I understand
Fuck you your not being fair

I know I'm not pretty like you
No my hair's not long and I'm not a size 2
There's nothing to laugh about I know this is true
Have you always been this shallow or is this new

You Bitch
How dare you talk about me behind my back
I'm tired of living by your rules I'm not your lover
Fuck you Bitch I'm taking over

Yea yea yea
I know that I'm fat
Big boned pleasing plump thick and all that
Fuck you I'm not diseased because I'm like that

I refuse to continue to let you distort my perception
I'm just as good as you there's no exception
Just because I'm like this doesn't mean I don't deserve affection
Fuck you for not looking in my direction

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