“And I cry”
©July 25,1997 by L.S.Johns

Each day I watch as your weary body grows tired,
each breath a strain to be battled.
I wonder what forces fight within your young
I pray for your body to be once more whole, and I
Within the prudence of the powers that be,
you were chosen to struggle, bravely, you’ve gone
And with all our love, we can but hold your
hand as you hold our hearts, and pray.
What consequence will we derive from this
What purpose will it serve?
For you but a child, to suffer so,
This affliction you never deserve, and I cry.
You have forgotten my young friend, or maybe
you never knew,
The precious gift we’re given, our life with you.
As the battle rages and the forces one by one take
your precious breath away,
We must ask our maker why? why such a
child should die?
Perhaps this is the punishment for a sin of mankind,
and I cry.
Yet this conflict is not won, you still struggle
There’s hope, we always have our hope.
Should I fall to my knees and supplicate to him
who rules the sun?
Would he spare this precious child whose
ailment rages on?
For I will gladly do this to see your precious breath
of life restored.
And I cry...

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