A Warm Embrace
©1999 by Lycistrata_love

We fall into a warm embrace,
        I kiss your ear, your lips, your face.
Our tongues entangle, a dance of fire,
        enclosed within our mad desire.

All else around us disappears,
        the world is gone, and all our fears.
Nothing matters, our hearts are free...
        there's only you...and only me.

My lips, they travel everywhere,
        Your lips, your neck, your ears, your hair...
I find my heaven here with you...
        My lips help you find heaven too.

My tongue slides down across your hips,
        Across your mound, to your puffy lips...
slides in and out the silky folds...
        the taste of you worth more than gold.

The luscious dew of your desire...
        drips and trickles, I sooo admire...
The lovely rose below your well,
        calls to my tongue, your tremble tells.

I whisper kisses 'round it's rim,
        my tongue slides in, to make it's stem.
You squirm and writhe beneath my lips,
        You arch your back, and buck your hips.

I thrust my fingers deep inside,
        in and out, they slip and glide.
over, around and deep again...
        you buck and thrust to meet my hand.

My face is nestled 'tween your thighs,
        my lips and tongue they seek the prize,
my mouth moves up to suck your clit,
        with long, slow strokes between your slit.

Your passion grows...you seek release,
        As waves of ecstasy unleash.
You gasp and moan, and then lay still...
        I hold you close, my wish fulfilled...

I kiss your lips, your eyes, your face,
        we snuggle close, a warm embrace.
Gentle strokes upon your skin...
        we catch our breaths...begin again....

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