A True Love
©2000 by Nicci

Stefanie, you're mah baby, you're mah sweet teddy bear,  with every look &
stare, i smile because you are there,  In this lifetime, i dream of no one but
you, i am so overwhelmed of the things you do, You make me smile, you
make me cry, through all those rough times i always seem to get by, A love
like yours only come once in a lifetime, but sweetie if you didn't know, i'm
so grateful ur mine, i let no other come between you and i, and in my heart,
i always ask myself why, why do i love her so much, is it her love or jus her
gentle  touch, i say her love because she's all i ever dreamed of, i would
never want us to ever part not for a second nor day, but if that happens in
my heart is where you'll always stay.

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