A Fifth Element
©May 2 1999 by EarthMother

Shall I compare?
Shall I..?

I require you to be an active part of my Life...

Just as I require the Air that I breath
The Water that I drink
The Earth solidly beneath my feet
And the Fire which smolders eternally within me.

Because without you, I cannot survive.

YOU are my breath of fresh Air.. my very Life Essence.
I breathe you deeply into my Self
And you expand within my lungs
And you thoroughly suffuse me.

YOU are my Water.. the Precious Liquid which sates my unquenchable
I gulp you down with Delirious Abandon
You flow throughout my Body
And you utterly Refresh me.

YOU are my Earth.. the solid foundation of my Existence.
You Ground me unto my Self
Your attendance there is Natural
And I cling to you with every fiber of my Being.

YOU are my Fire.. the blazing core of my barely contained Desire.
You are seared into my veins
And from my Center, your incandescent Flame spreads outward..
And it consumes my very Soul.

You claim my Air, leaving me breathless
You boil away my Water, leaving me parched
You scorch my Earth..
Leaving nothing behind but barren space.

What remains is a Fifth Element..

You, my Lady.

You replace my air with your breath of sweet love
You quench my thirst with the dew of your desire
You renew my emptiness.. and fill me to overflowing
Your presence burns fiercely inside me

You are me.. and I am you.

Shall I compare?

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