©November 1999 by jenni o'toole

whispers through a kiss
telling me of the voyage
you wish to take...
...breasts, your beginning
as you paint each nipple
with the wetness of your tongue.
following a path you've taken before
down over belly and thigh,
leading to hard sweetness
of mine.
trace me in circles and strokes
holding each hip in hand,
drawing my delight and passion.
i take you,
ten fingers in your hair,
i guide my own lust, pulling you close.
and sounds from your throat;
breath and moans
encourage me to the edge...
you have brought me here again.
i tell you in a cry,
up and over i have plunged
taking you with me,
and we rest now..
my belly, your pillow
and the taste of me
remains, you say.

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