If you only knew
©1999 by Jasmine

note:  This is an original piece by me.  So please respect me as an author
and do not copy it.

I remember the end of of Junior year High School as if it were
yesterday.  I remember how you wanted me to be in close proximity of
your every move.
     I love the way that the words you spoke flowed gently with an
undertone of lust.  You gave off an aura of sensual sexuality which
vibrated through my body each and every time you spoke.
     You know.... Sometimes I can hear the sweet whispers of your voice
in my dreams.  I can't get you out of my mind no matter how hard I try.
I want you so bad that I can imagine the taste of your sweet nectar upon
my lips.  For so long I have yearned for the delicate touch of your
fingertips across my face.  I want to roll my tongue up and down every
inch of your beautiful body.  I want you to feel the passion that burns
within my soul every time I THINK of you.
     If you only knew, oh, If you only KNEW  the fantasies I have...  I
want to be the first in Your uncharted territory.  The first to make you
experience pleasures beyond belief.

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